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Computer Literacy Programme

February, 2013

The six month Basic Computer Education Programme, which is in part supported by the Habitat Learning Centre, has gained a good deal of popularity amongst adolescents in the community. The programme is an accessible and invaluable opportunity for children to become acquainted with digital media and to subsequently enter the job market in roles such as tele-callers, data inputers and computer operators. Presently, we have fourteen boys and seventeen girls enrolled in the programme at the SAATHI Centre.

An innovative feature of the programme is that it is self-sustainable, as it is run by former students who subsequently joined ISST as volunteers in order to teach other children. The recent introduction of Internet access and e-learning has been greeted with excitement by the children. In mid 2007 we received a donation of six computers from Mr. Ashok Gulati. This contribution allowed us to direct our programme to more children, although we have not been able to accommodate everyone's interest in computers.