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Nakshatra Theatre Group

February, 2013

Since the end of 2006, we have organised three ten-day workshops for Nakshatra (the community outreach programme's youth theatre group), which have proved to be enriching and beneficial for the group's members. The quality of their plays has significantly improved as a result, and the participating youth now display high levels of confidence in all of their performances. The second workshop, which for many children who had taken part in the first one served as a skills building session, took place in June 2007; the third workshop was held in October 2007 at our new community centre in Kalyanpuri.


  •  The children have worked on a number of plays, some of which they later performed on 'Open Day', at the end of the Summer Camp. One of their plays, 'Andha Kaun?' was greatly appreciated by the audience, and the children's confidence during their performance was apparent. The experience proved quite empowering for the children. Other children were motivated by their performance and showed interest in joining the theatre group.
  •  Independence Day celebrations at SAATHI Centre included the staging of the play, 'Kuchh to poochho ji' by Nakshatra.
  •  Nakshatra was invited by various colleges like Delhi School of Social Work, Bhimrao Ambedkar College, IIT Delhi and Lady Irwin College to perform street plays on various occasions, for instance at annual events and the NSS Youth Week. Our enthusiastic and immensely talented team performed plays on RTI ('Kuchh to poocho ji') and ('Janta ka Jamura'), which were widely praised.
  •  Nakshatra was invited by the Habitat Learning Centre to perform for their Sixth Anniversary Celebrations. All participants were informed of the function two weeks in advance so that they could adequately prepare. We participated in the painting competition and presented our play, 'Andha Kaun', for the cultural programme. Altogether, fourteen children performed in the play. Several NGOs took part in the celebrations, and it was a great source of exposure for all our children.