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ISST seeks to link research with grass root activism and policy debates through various mechanisms.

ISST's community outreach programme was initiated in 2000 in three slum communities in the Trans Yamuna region: West Vinod Nagar resettlement colony, Sonia camp and Nehru camp. The centre at Sonia camp is located in Harijan Basti, whilst Nehru camp has been given two rooms at the Sarkari Vikas Kendra. In 2006, the SAATHI Youth Resources Centre opened in Kalyanpuri. Currently, the majority of the programme's activities are carried out at the SAATHI Centre, with the centre in West Vinod Nagar set to merge with it before the end of 2009

The community outreach programme functions to provide:

  •     Non-formal education for school drop-outs
  •     Remedial education for school-going children
  •     Adult education for women and young girls
  •     Income generating activities
  •     Awareness raising on health, sanitation, cleanliness
  •     Legal awareness camps / health camps
  •     Facilitation of the delivery of government services
  •     Exposure trips for women and children

ISST's community outreach programme seeks to engage with individuals and communities through holistic education, awareness-raising, and skill-building activities in order to enable individuals to better understand their environments, make the best possible decisions for the use of their resources and enhance quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. The programme's main focus has been the empowerment of young people through an "Information, Education and Dialogue" approach.

Vision: we work towards achieving equity and equality by promoting lives of autonomy and dignity.

Mission: Our mission is to promote responsible citizenship among children ,youth ,and women belonging to disadvantage groups through information, education and dialogue in order to achieve equality and to promote lives of autonomy and dignity.