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Improving Access to Social Protection for Domestic Workers in South Asia: WIEGO Social Protection Programme
April, 2020
Many domestic workers lack access to basic protections -- either because labour law does not incorporate them, or because there is a lack of enforcement of existing ...
Mapping Vulnerabilities of Children of Women Workers in Informal Sectors in Delhi: Re imagining Childcare and Protection for All
January, 2020
This study was sponsored by Mobile Creches and led by ISST, in partnership with IGSSS for technical assistance for online quantitative data collection, and to Delhi Neenv ...
'Situating the Home, Habitat and Infrastructure : Towards a Better Quality of Life for the Home-based Worker'
December, 2018

The Project started in August 2018 and ended on 31st December 2018. The objective of the study was to unravel the complex relationship between home, habitat and ...

'The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (FRA), 2006 and its Impact on Tribal Women of Southern Rajasthan'
July, 2018

The collaboration between Astha Sansthan and ISST was found necessary for this study as both the organisations complemented each other, Astha Sansthan through it's knowledge of the area and ...

Feminist Analysis of Social and Solidarity Economy Practices: Views from Latin America and India
April, 2016

ISST is a principal partner of a research project entitled, “Feminist Analysis of Social and Solidarity Economy Practices: Views from Latin America and India” funded by Swiss ...

Development of Participatory methods and tools for defining strategy and model of change in domestic work
August, 2015

Project Period: June 2015-August 2015

ISST has been assigned to develop a set of tools that are suitable for domestic workers, most of whom are women, and belong to ...

Support for the Resource Centre for Adolescents
August, 2015

Project period: September 2014-November 2014

The Youth Resource Centre is an essential component of the community outreach programme of ISST’s Saathi Centre. It has been a key feature of ...

Youth Study in India
August, 2015

Project period: January 2015 - April 2015

As part of ESCAP’s work on enhancing regional cooperation to promote youth development, the Social Development Division (SDD) of UNESCAP is ...

Balancing unpaid care work and paid work: successes, challenges and lessons for women’s economic empowerment programmes and policies
August, 2015

The research project ‘Balancing unpaid care work and paid work’ is being conducted in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in the UK, and BRAC’s East Africa ...

When and Why Do States Respond to Women’s Claims? Understanding Gender-Egalitarian Policy Change in Asia
December, 2013

ISST completed this research project with the United Nations Research Institute on Social Devlopment (UNRISD) research on gender egalitarian policy research that explores when and why states respond to ...

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