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Ms. Ahana Chakrabarti , Research Consultant

Ahana Chakrabarti joined ISST as a Research Consultant for a project titled “Women in Economy” in January 2020. She has completed her Bachelor’s from Presidency University and Master’s from South Asian University. In her BA, she has written a dissertation on Manual Scavenging: The Role of Formal and Informal Labour. In her MA, she continued with her interest in caste and studied the interaction between inter-generational memory and caste in context of the 1947 Partition.
At present, she is also an MPhil student from Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata pursuing her MPhil thesis on ‘Who is a Citizen? Examining the Citizenship Discourse in India”. She has participated and presented at a Two-Day International Conference on ‘Migration, Diaspora and Development: An Indian Perspective’ organized by the Central University of Gujarat. The paper is titled, “Forced Migration and Development: An Interrogation of Epistemologies” (7th and 8th March, 2019). She has also attended and participated in a Discussion session at a ‘Residential Workshop: Summer School on Marxism- 2017: Module II- Doing Marxism Today’ organized by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung: South Asia and South Asian University (3rd to 12th June, 2017). Her research interests include citizenship, law, memory studies, partition studies, gender and development, political theory and philosophy.