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Ms. Ayesha Datta , Research Associate

Ayesha Datta has done her Bachelors and Masters in Sociology from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Her recent publications include 'Exploring gendered challenges of distress migration : A Qualitative study on the community of migrant farmers in Delhi' in the Journal of Anthropological Survey of India, 2017 issue.

At ISST, she has previously worked as as intern under the project 'Balancing unpaid care work and paid work : successes, challenges and lessons for women's economic empowerment programmes and policies' and after completing her Masters in 2017 joined ISST under the Project entitled 'Bringing visibility to the home-based workers in India : A Scoping study in Delhi' funded by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung. She is currently working under the project entitled 'Capacity Building in Gender Transformative Evaluation' supported by Ford Foundation.