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Dr. Jahnvi Andharia , Director

Dr. Jahnvi Andharia has been working in the development sector for over 30 years. She received her  Master of Arts in Social Work from TISS  in 1989 and was awarded PhD  for her thesis “Impact of Progressive Laws and Civil Society Facilitation on Empowerment : Women Law Users’ Perspective” from Faculty of Social Work, M.S. University in 2018.

For nearly two and a half decades, she worked directly with women from poor and marginalised communities of rural areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra shaping her perspective on feminism, intersectionality, vulnerability, empowerment and leadership.

Dr. Jahnvi worked with one of the then largest, Indian Philanthropy, for three years (2008-2011) as Program Officer for the portfolio Civil Society, Governance and Human Rights.  Of the  two and a quarter years (2018-2020) at the Indian School of Development Management, NOIDA , she was the Program Director for their flagship post graduate program in Development Leadership for a year. She has co- authored several papers put out in the public domain.

 In 1995, Dr. Jahnvi and her 4 colleagues founded ANANDI, an organisation that followed a collective leadership model, working among the poorest communities of Gujarat. Having started as a small collective, when she left her full time engagement with ANANDI, it had grown to mid-sized organisation with around 60 fulltime staff and around 200 community resource persons who reached out to over 15000 women and their families. The programs carried out by ANANDI covered maternal health, ensuring food and livelihood security, disaster response, child rights and child nutrition, women and girl’s safety, promotion of organic farming, and women’s leadership in local governance. Towards the end of her term, she was instrumental in enabling the Leadership Transition at ANANDI and she became part of the ANANDI Technical Support Unit where she offered mentorship to the team working with adolescent and young girls, and led projects of capacity building, curriculum development around gender and livelihood security for government and non-government organizations.