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Ms. Prama Mukhopadhyay , Research Consultant

Prama Mukhopadhyay is an ICSSR doctoral fellow and has recently submitted her Ph.D. dissertation to the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics.  Her thesis on the fishing community of the Sundarbans in  West Bengal, India, tries to make sense of how the community shapes and in turn gets shaped by the deltaic landscape in which they reside and derive a livelihood off.   Her specific research interest lies in the field of livelihood,  gender, and ecology. She has been a part of various qualitative research projects before joining the ISST.

In the ISST, she had initially worked as an independent research consultant, assisting a short-term study on the COVID 19 lockdown and its impact on mothers and children, who were earlier availing the SEWA child care centers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Following this short stint, Prama is now working with the ISST as a full-time research consultant in two research projects -- one on women and girls employed in the Non-Traditional Livelihood sector and the other on women workers in the tourism industry in India.

Besides qualitative research, Prama also has three years of university teaching experience. In her free time, Prama likes to sing, travel and cook