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Dr. Rajib Nandi , Associate Director

Dr. Rajib Nandi having completed his M.Phil in Applied Economics from Centre for the Development Studies (CDS) and PhD in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) started working with the Institute of Social Studies Trust since 1998 with progressively greater responsibilities over the years, in research, project management and other administrative duties.

Dr. Nandi has worked on a range of research projects funded by the government, UN agencies and other national and international donor agencies. The research projects ranges from gender and development, women and work, social and solidarity economy, livelihood issues, ICTs, environment, HIV/AIDS, social movements and ethnicity to programme evaluations and evaluative studies. His expertise lies in both quantitative and qualitative research techniques and field based research.

He has written several research reports, published in edited books and reputed journals and have presented research findings both in national and international meetings, seminars and workshops. He has taken part in various debates and discussions focused on social issues and policy implications of social research. Dr. Nandi has also coordinated international research projects with both national and international partners, organized seminars and workshops. He has participated and acted as a resource person in several training/evaluation workshops. Dr. Nandi is a founder and core group member of Evaluation Community of India (ECOI) and a member of Board of Directors, Community of Evaluators - South Asia.

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