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Adult Education/ Vocational Training

Evaluation of STEP projects (Dairy): Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation & Nittur Education Society, (2005), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The project was undertaken with a view to evaluate the Dairy activities under the STEP (Support to Training and Employment Programme) programme for women being implemented in Karnataka, by Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation and Nittur Education Society. The project was sponsored by the Department of Women and Child development, Government of India. The primary objective was to investigate to what extent women from poor households have been benefited, and whether dairying has been a source of economic empowerment for these women. The STEP programme has the objective of supporting projects for the economic empowerment of poor women. The objective of the evaluation study is to see how far the objectives of the project and the general objectives of the STEP programme are being met. Information is being collected through questionnaire, interviews and focus group discussions, with special reference to the issues such as women's time and earnings, outreach of the programme to the poorest, environmental aspects of dairying, and the impact on household consumption of milk.

Decent Employment for Women Learning and Recommendations from the pilot project, (2004), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The study documented the interventions undertaken under the ILO pilot project, which was started in 2001 to help poor women to attain decent employment living in selected slum clusters in the cities of Bangalore and Delhi.

Evaluation of the NORAD-assisted Programme for Training and Income Generating Activities for Women in Madhya Pradesh, (1994-95), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The project was to evaluate various income generating programmes under NORAD scheme implemented in Madhya Pradesh against the set of objectives given in the guidelines and to suggest changes for better designing and implementation of the programmes.

Promotion of legal Awareness Among Women,(1994), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The project was to conduct legal awareness camps and to hold a national level seminar on women and law.

Women At Work: A Bibliography (Vol:I & Vol:II), (1987- 1990), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The project was to compile review of studies on women at work based on published and unpublished material collected by ISST over the years. New para The second volume had updated the earlier work to include books, papers, and articles from published and unpublished sources and presented an annotated bibliography of the work done till 1990.

A Study of Utilisation & Wastage of Training Programme of NVTI& RVTI for Women,(1986), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The study evaluated the working experience of the Vocational Training Institute and assessed the extent of utilisation and wastage of training in respect of National and Regional Vocational Training Institutes for Women.

Adult Education for Women: 8 Case Studies, (1984), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The study reviewed the efforts of a selected group of organisations both official and non-government, who were successful in reaching women with various forms of adult education.