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A Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care: A handbook for India, (2000), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

A Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care: A handbook for India, sponsored by UNESCO (2000), comprised of the widespread cultural practices and attitudes in the context of HIV/AIDs prevention and care with focus on specific groups and communities that show focused and specific manifestations of Indian culture.

Studying the Gender Dimensions of HIV/AIDS using Community based Research, (1998-99), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The study on gender dimensions of HIV/AIDS suggested that both biological and social reasons make women more vulnerable to HIV infection based on the information collected through case studies, interviews and focus group discussions among the people living with HIV/AIDS and their family members

Designing A Reproductive Health Strategy using Local Structures of Governance in India, (1996-98), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The aim of the project was to activate local structures of governance for improving the delivery of health services in general and reproductive health services of women in particular.

Documentation and Research on Family Counseling Centre, (1995-96), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The project documented the cases handled at ISST ever since the inception of the counseling centre in 1985, with a view to facilitate the understanding of the dynamics of the family, woman and her position within family and how family as an institution helps in resolving the crises that women face.

Research and Advocacy Programme on Poverty, Gender Inequality and reproductive Choice, (1993-95), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The study suggested policies and programme strategies which allow poor women to make reproductive choice and plan for the care of their children under a climate free of political and cultural compulsions.

Evolving a Women Sensitive Population Policy, (1993-95), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The project analysed different aspects of general health issues and reproductive health concerns among the women with a view to evolve a Women Sensitive Population Policy.

Income and Nutrition Effects of Shifts From Subsistence to Cash Cropping, especially on the Poor Farmers, Women and Children, (1994), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

This case study in Karnataka, examines, the impact of shifting cropping patterns on the heath and nutrition status of poor farmers in particular.

Concern and Conflict - Women's Work and Child Health and Development, (1993), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

This study, sought to evaluate the effect of the type of work women performed on the health and well being of their children.

Identification of Factors Influencing Health and Nutrition of Rural Women and Children in Karnataka, (1992), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

This study, aimed to document the various factors which influence health and nutrition of women and children, such as dietary and health beliefs, health care-seeking behaviour, and perceptions regarding desirable family size.

Linking Fertility and the Socio-Economic Activity of Rural Women, (1987), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

In this case study of the Malur Rural Project of the Family Planning Association of India, the methodology adopted by FPAI in accomplishing social and economic transformation in the villages of rural Karnataka was analysed and the lessons drawn out.

Utilisation of Child Development Services: A Field Study, (1981), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

The study reviewed various schemes directed towards children nation wide with a view to understand the actual impact and the degree of utilisation of these services by poverty households to improve delivery mechanism.

Rural Sanitation, (1981), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

This survey looked at the status of rural sanitation in three very different states: Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Various recommendations emerged from this exercise including the suggestion that traditional practices should be examined before devising or applying new schemes and local people, especially women, should be consulted regarding costs and materials to be used

1981 Rural Sanitation Technology Options, (1981), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

This report was based on a workshop to identify and appraise technology for sanitary latrines, bio-gas plants and smokeless chulahs.

Providing Comprehensive Child and Family Welfare Services, (1981), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

This study was a part of an exercise undertaken with a view to developing a model programme. In this context the ICDS project has been examined primarily from the perspective of l households and families accessing it through a field study in Coorg.