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ISST Researchers Publications

''What Work Choices Are Indian Women Making and Why?

By - Monika Banerjee

Pub - The Wire, June 7, 2019

''A Multitude of Challenges Facing Women Home-Based Workers in Delhi''

By - Rajib Nandi, Ayesha Datta & Gurpreet Kaur

Pub - The Wire, May 9, 2019

''Where Are Indian Women If Not in the Workforce?''

By - Shiney Chakraborty

Pub - The Wire, April 19, 2019

''Until We Properly Define Home-Based Workers, Their Labour will be Ignored''

By - Rajib Nandi, Ayesha Datta & Gurpreet Kaur

Pub - The Wire,  March 26, 2019

''Tribal Women's Empowerment through the Forest Rights Act, 2006 in Southern Rajasthan''

By - Mubashira Zaidi

Pub - Asian Journal of Women's Studies  -  2019

Evaluation from Inside Out : The experience of using local knowledge and practices to evaluate a program for adolescent girls in India through the lens of gender and equity

By - Rajib Nandi, Rituu B.Nanda & Tanisha Jugran

Pub - Evaluation Journal of Australasia,  2015

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''Descent Work and Low-end IT Occupation Workers in Delhi : Work Pathways, Challenges and Opportunities''

By - Dr. Rajib Nandi

Pub - The Journal of Social and Humanity Research, 2014

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