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Mahila Haat

Women Producers of Kumaon, (1988), Mimeo, ISST (Delhi)

The study conducted a survey of women producers' groups from low-income group in Kumaon with a view to understand the problems and constraints faced by the women producers and to help them become strong and self-reliant by providing them necessary assistance.

Study on Shandy Women vendors in Thally Block, (1989), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

The study looked at situation of shandy women, their problems and needs, in Dharmapuri district in Tamilnadu as part of the Mahila Haat initiative of ISST that sought to provide training and support to self-employed women producers.

Mahila Haat Progress Report, (1989 and 1990), Mimeo, ISST (Bangalore)

These two reports looked at the progress in the activities of the Mahila Haat project focusing on rural women producers in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Tamil Nadu.