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Where are Indian Women If Not in the WorkForce?

By - Shiney Chakraborty, 

Pub - The Wire, 19th April 2019

Progress of South Asian Women 2005 Accountability to the World's Women, 2005, ISST (Delhi)

The document presents a snapshot of the situation of Women in South Asia and an overview of the processes that have at work in South Asia, both to promote the advancement of women and to identify gaps between the years 2000-2005. (Report)

'Poor' Children's School, 2005, ISST (Delhi)

An exploratory study of the impact of the Supreme Court's judgment, followed by the Delhi government notification of reservation of 20-25 per cent seats and freeships to children of the economically disadvantaged classes by recognised private, un-aided schools in Delhi. (Working paper)

The Playgound: A place full of interactions and diverse expectations, 2007, ISST (Delhi)

The study was designed to understand the dimensions of the interaction among the children on the playground. The field investigation for this research was done in East Delhi. (Working paper)