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Case Studies of Home Based Workers: Dissemination Workshops in partnership with Home Net India and UNIFEM

May, 2008

May 19, 2008 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh May 30, 2008 Patiala, Punjab May 31, 2008 Patna, Bihar

ISST organized three policy workshops on Home-based Workers at Lucknow, Patiala and Patna in partnership with Lucknow Mahila Sewa Trust, Nabha Foundation and Bihar Rajya Gharkhata Mazdoor Union respectively. The workshop was an advocacy initiative at the state level for developing policies towards improving the condition of home-based workers. The workshops were also aimed to raise awareness of the situation and needs of home-based workers. The research findings on home-based workers, which had been conducted by ISST in the states of U.P, Punjab and Bihar in 2006, were communicated in the workshops. The documentary film titled 'Our Hands at Work', prepared by the ISST was screened at each workshop. The key issues emerged for the study and the film were discussed at the workshop. The discussions featured around the minimum wage and social security for the home-based workers. The impacts of globalization on different trades in the context of vulnerability of several local trades were also discussed. The workshops were participated by the home-based workers, government officials, local media along with the representatives from HomeNet India and ISST.