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''Understanding Body Politics in the Context of 'Big Data' and Information Society''

August, 2021

Gadgets, technologies and media are increasingly becoming part of our digital bodies and, with increased technology-mediated governance and policy responses informed by ‘big data', there is a pertinent need that data governance frameworks be informed through an intersectional feminist perspective focused on embodiment. 

Chair & SpeakerBishakha Datta  Executive Director, Point of View 

Speakers :

Dr. Anja Kovacs  Director, Internet Democracy Project

Rohini Lakshane Technologist, Public policy researcher

Brindaa Lakshmi  Queer-feminist researcher and Activist 

Organised By - Institute of Social Studies Trust [ISST] with Heinrich Boll Foundation [HBF]

Date : August 31, Tuesday, 2021

Time : 6.00 PM to 7.15 PM (On Zoom)

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