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Since ISST works in close collaboration with ground level organisations and community groups, training is an integral part of ISST's activities. In some cases where data have to be collected from the communities through household surveys, ISST routinely conducts training of surveyors and field level workers. In recent years such project-based training has been a part of the Gender Network project and the project ozn Gender Budgeting.

In some case, such as in the case of UMA project, training constitutes a major component of project activities. UMA project has generated a range of training material for neo-literate women representatives in Gram Panchayats in Karnataka, which have been widely used in Karnataka, translated in regional languages, including Hindi and have provided invaluable material for such training in other states as well.

ISST was also involved in formulating a training programme for community workers on awareness and case of HIV/AIDS affected families.

ISST is grateful for the support received from its sponsors.