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Gender and Economic Policy Discussion Forum

February, 2013

Project Objective

The Gender and Economic Policy Discussion Forum will provide an opportunity to understand, discuss and critique economic policy from a gender lens, and provide an opportunity for interaction between economists, policy makers, and gender advocates in a structured manner. The forum will make special effort to reach out to students and university faculty.

However, this is only the beginning of any effort to ‘engender’ economics.  Differences in roles, responsibilities and needs of men and women from different social groups, geographical locations, income and occupational class, can be articulated through a process of analysis that brings out the differences in access to resources and opportunities.  A gendered approach can also identify the systematic factors or processes that result in gender differentiated behavior and outcomes with a view to improving policy formulation.

By bringing together people with different perspectives, background, and experience, the Forum expects to shift public discourse around selected key economic policy issues in the direction of gender sensitivity, to create space for dialogue between the concerned theorists, policy makers and practioners, and be reflected in the work of individuals who participate in the Forum.

Forum  Outline

ISST in association with Heinrich Böll Foundation has been organizing Gender and Economic Policy Discussion Forums since 2012. The focus is contemporary, pertaining to economic policies in relation to women’s meaningful empowerment. You may please visit our Events page for the announcement of next Gender and Economic Policy Discussion forum.

ISST brings out Policy Briefs from these forums. You may please write to Ms. Akila Ramesh at to collect these policy briefs. Altenatively you may download the policy briefs from

Please see the list of the forums below:

Discussion Forum I : “Is Micro-finance at the crossroads in India? What does it mean for women’s Livelihood concerns?”, March2012

Discussion Forum II : "Empowering Women through Skill Development - Challenges and Opportunities", April 2012

Discussion Forum III: "Women Farmer's Entitlement Bill 2011: understanding the changing needs of agriculture economy", July 2012

Discussion Forum IV: "Engendering the Government's Flagship Programmes: Looking at PMGSY and TSC", September 2012

Discussion Forum V: "Engendering Social Protection for Informal Economy Workers", November 2012

Discussion Forum VI: "Gender and Affirmative Action", March 2013

Discussion Forum VII: "The Politics and Economics of FDI through a Gender Lens", April 2013

Discussion Forum VIII: "Climate Change Policy through a Gender Lens", July 2013

Discussion Forum IX:  "The City as an Inclusive Space through a Gender and Equity Lens", September 2013

Discussion Forum X: "National Land Reform Policy - Implications on Gender and Equity", October 2013

Discussion Forum XI: "Taxation Policies- Implication on Gender and Equity", January 2014

Discussion Forum XII: "Migration – Implications on Gender and Equity", April 2014

Discussion Forum XIII: "Engendering Policies and Programmes Through Feminist Evaluation", August 2014


Discussion Forum XIV: "Launch of ‘Aadhar: Gender, Identity and Development", September 2014

Discussion Forum XV: "Women and Investment: State, Market and Personal Investment", February 2015

Discussion Forum XVI: "The Queer Question: Socio-economic and Political costs of Exclusion", May 2015

Discussion Forum XVII: "Placing Women's Unpaid Work in Development Policy", August 2015

Discussion Forum XVIII: "Gender Equality at Workplace in India", September 2015

Discussion Forum XIX: "Maternity Health and Maternity Entitlements in India", May 2016

Discussion Forum XX : ''Understanding Swachh Bharat Abhiyan through a Gender Lens'', July 2016

Discussion Forum XXI : ''Visibilising the Invisible : Mobilizations of Domestic Workers and the Regulation of Domestic Work in India'',  September 2016

Discussion Forum XXII : ''Public Spaces and Everyday Narratives of Violence amongst Vulnerable Gender Groups : Towards Inclusive Policy Frameworks'', May 2017

Discussion Forum XXIII : "The Baby Market : Gendered Implications of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Surrogacy Industry in India", August 2017

Discussion Forum XXIV : "Towards Bridging Digital India's Gender Divide'', October 2017

Discussion Forum XXV : ''Fire in the Forest : Looking at Gender and Forest Economies'', May 2018

Discussion Forum XXVI : ''Gender in the Policy and Practice of International Financial Institutions'', August 2018 

Discussion Forum XXVII : "The Gendered Effects of Air Pollution", October 2018

Discussion Forum XXVIII : ''Unpacking the Gendered Implications of Ayushman Bharat'', November 2018

Discussion Forum XXIX : ''Who Weaves : The gender question in the Handloom Industry'', May 2019

Discussion Forum XXX : "Gender Concerns & Representation of Women in General Elections", August 2019

The programme is sponsored by Heinrich Böll Foundation, India.